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February 4, 2013
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Too Funny Not to Share. by KellBell523 Too Funny Not to Share. by KellBell523
Haha these three together would be hysterical!
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loverofpoodles Oct 26, 2013  Student Artist
Jack sparrow could have a herd of turtles running trough peanutbutter and their argument would still be invaild.
Get the refrense? Look it up
ShesNeverComingBack Jun 11, 2013
jack sparrow has a jar of dirt ur argument is invalid
haha awesome, 420francisco its a true stupid, thnks 4 the img u made my morning XD
ThePhantomWolf Feb 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Hehee, makes me smile after a bit of sad, that's just great! ^^
420francisco Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

why is this here?

this is not art

this is not eve well made

this is.. I feel shame

please, deactivate your account, turn off your computer and leave

please, you'll give us a favor
Seriously? This is not even criticism, if not a joke.
I couldn't even call it rude, because this statement is so arrogantly ignorant.
THIS picture is hilarious.
420francisco Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is it art?
is it well made?

with the "is it art?"

is enoth to delete her deviation, sorry but you are the ignorant one here

the site is called deviantART, it's even in cappital letters, so this is obbiusly not belonging t this site, not even in tumblr because of how poorly this is made, look at that huge croop fail, besides, this is not something that she made, she it's just sharing it, but this it's not the way
SeDivisum Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hello there fellow deviant, perhaps I can help you broaden your horizons on what deviantART actually is.
Despite your "criticisms"(which sounded more like unreasonable hating), you offered no help in what the artist could do to improve their artwork, other than to delete her account, which when you think about it isn't really helpful.
Another thing is that you seem to be complaining about how poorly the piece is made, but what isn't? Art is never perfect, not your's, not mine, not anybodies. To tell a person to quit art just because they aren't above your expectations is ignorant.
And before I forget, what do you think art is? Because if you think art is just drawings, then you are mistaken. Everything is art. Songs, books, photographs, machines, nature, people, even this comic; they are all art. Albeit all art isn't wonderful (my stuff for instance), but as I said before, art is never perfect. It was never meant to be.
DeviantART knows that. This is a place where the great can mingle with the bad, the beautiful mix with the not-so-beautiful. This isn't a place for only those who meet your expectations, but for all the people who are not within those boundaries. This is a place for the people that differ from the socially accepted norm. This is a place for them, this is a place for you, and this is a place for me. This is a place for all of us.
This is a place for the deviants.
420francisco Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
but, this is not art, and it's not her's, I know that the definition of art it's abstract, but that dosen't make 3 screencaps of a movie.

sorry I didn't make a more serius criticism, but my english it's not too good and I don't think that a pic that an user found in some place, this is why most of the people don't take deviantART seriusly, because the mods let the users do things like this, you know, there is art, and there's a random picture someone found in some place in the internet

and yes, my "criticisms" were arrogant and hatefull, but that's because the deviaction dosen't worth it, yet, your comment, even if it's dumb, it's well writen and you take your time to respond this politely.
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